What Architecture Signals


Architecture is so diverse
A life span will be less to define it
Some coffee books
any many numerous looks
could log in only little…
There are archeologist
that try excavating,
Then there are
conservationist that try saving,
And the creators do their bit by exploring.
~But all seem entangled in spaces.~
Some got devoured in its black holes,
others stood out as shinning stars,
But most are mystified captivated illusion-ed
stuck by its vastness..
Architecture,stands high in testimony  for permanence of a culture.
Architecture, adds a special flavor to preamble of thoughts.
Architecture, organizes and fuses-tastes -beliefs -experiences.
Architecture, spices up regressive aimless
infusions of family
with its many extensions.
Architecture,embraces the effort of flawless timeless life’s work.
Architecture, contributes to a larger tomorrow
for any group and society.
 YET architecture is but a mere reflection…..
of “you and me” and all those that are entangled in spaces.
                                                                                                                         -Ar.Babika Goel

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The author is a graduate from college of Architecture , Lucknow an associate Indian institute of Architects and Member indian green building council

she believes in words of Steven Pressfield.“Start before you’re ready.”