Spend a little pink and grow healthier with green.

Spend a little pink and grow healthier with green.

Adding indoor plants to your home or workspace will have happier moods, better job satisfaction, and stronger relationships and its not me saying this but research all around the world.


It’s possible to get similar benefits by roaming outside in your balcony and looking lovingly at your twelve year old bonsai collection, -picture courtesy  Ar. Sumit Varmani
or perhaps enjoying herbs on your railings.-picture courtesy Ar. Sumit Varmani


But then why not bring outdoors to indoors and “breath-in” a healthy you everyday?  Yes, the above is just like shedding new light to an old subject. But then how many of us do this to seek health benefits?

Invariably plants are added in indoor spaces to brighten up a corner,-picture courtesy Ar. Maneesha Srivastava Bhatnagar
Or perhaps to enhance the aesthetics.-picture courtesy Ar. Maneesha Srivastava Bhatnagar


lets check some crazy ideas to grow health around us.


9b0667f42518cba004380565d428c32954ff4081ba450-indoor-succulent-garden-xlnAnd follow the rule below to have a happier you-

In office or classroom settings

  • To improve health and reduce fatigue and stress, place one large plant (8-inch diameter pot or larger) every 129 square feet. , position plants so each person has greenery in view. source-

For an 1,800-square-foot house

  • To purify air, use 15 to 18 plants in 6- to 8-inch diameter pots . That’s roughly one larger plant every 100 square feet. Achieve similar results with two smaller plants (4- to 5-inch pots)source-


home 1
-Picture courtesy budding photographer Ms. Bhavya Goel


“Zing” may perhaps be achieved by adopting  bizzare and waste containers and planting them with indoor plants that your new- crisp- pink- currency can buy  and then perhaps one day you may lose interest in  having to always look  at old photographs  or sit by a window to get that similar mood upliftment  🙂

-Ar. Babika Goel

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