………And as on the lands of  our very own capital city stroked one more demolition, sound waves of disruption spewed up in the very fraternity which created it;

A pendulum till then, which hung with great certainty to its clock, moving precisely at required intervals, started oscillating with great vigour,…


The clock though singular is representing public architecture.


The pendulum though lone represents the entire architect fraternity that is now oscillating in between acceptance and denial of their very being !!

and in this hubble bubble and buzz created, I could hear a unified voice rising from the fraternity- A whisper, a longing for protection, sustenance and security “for” the next public building…. “by” the public through their  involvement in every new building created “of “public needs.


and then I heard my own voice asking

 Whether the new public building and many more that will stand on the grounds of the demolished be secure enough?

After all,  this upcoming one has certainly become noticeable “to” the public………..

 Sitting amidst the dark jungle of steel, concrete and glass, I could hear a wolf cry, a distant cynical laughter erupting, shaking, questioning my very being……………

and I visualized the pendulum oscillating faster-

                                                                 by Ar. Babika Goel









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