Build on dreams are schemes

In Delhi toilets are building up in locations where affordable housing should also have been, closer to the employment hubs and market spaces.



Affordable housing across globe means houses for the people in the lower part of the social pyramid, for whom to own a home is a far fetched dream.

It has always been a challenge across the globe;

However,  India seems to have found a solution with its PMAY

Where the built up area has changed to carpet area, a grant of infrastructure status is provided to developers, interest rates for interested home owners are slashed , loan limit expanded and tax  norms eased for private builders-

What more could anyone have asked for.

But amidst all this the real definition of affordable as we read and understood in our architecture books is lost.

The planning of affordable housing in proximity of mass transit and its being linked to employment hubs stands ignored.

An expert would surely say that India has broken this challenging bubble for tier 2 and tier 3 cities; however as metro has high land cost within city limits it will develop only on outskirts for cities like Delhi and Mumbai. And Urban dreams will stay quashed.

 So which class of  Urban income group stands benefited?

Had metro cities  provided land for affordable housing in its heart  just as they do for their toilets it would perhaps been of advantage for the employee class, but at outskirts?!

Surely a 645 square feet area for a house at outskirts would be a nice recreational space for a nuclear family that would lap it up at 15-20 lakhs,perhaps good for retired people who don’t need everyday connection with city.


is it simply a shot in the dark to plug the gap demonetization has created for real estate sector?   I ask you –

-Ar. Babika Goel

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