Do you have gaps below your doors?

I got some good feedback on my previous article -what does your front door say!  One of my architect friend-Ashim Bhatacharya<>  suggested that why not I write on the gap below the door – Why not?  I wondered aloud-After all this gap lets unwelcomed guests walk in like the ants/lizards, bugs etc.

imagine the snake says -don't throw me out - I have just walked in from my grassland
imagine the snake says -don’t throw me out – I have just walked in from my grassland
Here I am-hi:)
I am yet to find some one who  welcomes a lizard who says Here I am-hi:)





In fact, an architect friend of mine based in Chennai -Ajay

told me he was screamed upon by some guests of  his client  complaining about night bugs and even snakes seen creeping in through the entry door. Sounds medieval to me!!

But on a serious note this is a problem faced by many –


A small opening at the bottom of the sash, between the door &floor, which then allows entry of dust, insects etc .Yes this  gap prevents the door to be sound & insulation proof. In summers, cool air from house escapes out and in winter’s, cool air from outside flows in. Inside a closed dark room in the night, when we see a thin strip of light below our door -the light from outside streaming in; its that’s gap.

Just few days back, over a luncheon with my friends, I chatted about this issue. We all have had our education from college of architecture Lucknow, and our chats are more humor driven -one issue leads to a hundred more. It’s a riot of laughter when it comes to my batch mates.

roll a tower and put in here
roll a tower and put in here
  • Believe me provides the easiest solution which  was to roll up towels and place it on the floor, up against the door on the inside. WOW! who could have thought it was this simple.
a Pillow to Stop the Draft From Doors
a Pillow to Stop the Draft From Doors
  • Then suggested a tailor made pillow precise to the measurement of the door width and placed there. The pillow filled with dried kitchen goods such as rice, dried lentils or unpopped corn would serve as both filler and weight to keep the draft blocker in place.
  • Several pairs of knee-high tube socks could replace the pillow. Better to Stuff stockings or socks with your chosen filling until you have enough length of filling to cover the entire length of the door opening plus 2 inches came a prompt antidote to the pillow by

I was already rolling with laughter on these low budget practical solutions coming from my friends.

  • door_seal_cand lo & behold!! pushed a sketch – showing how to Screw on a door sweep. This is done from inside the home on an exterior door,
    install a sweep on already existing door
    install a sweep on already existing door

    and the sweep will effectively block the gap under the door. We were told there are several types available, from an actual bristle-type sweep that hangs below the door and blocks the gap, to rubberized types that bulge slightly to fill the gap.



  • A fancy discussion then followed  this sketch and up came another suggestion  from . A  drafty front door with a new threshold can be an  instant solution for comfort, style, harmony and perfection.

Really it bought me to think & it made me realize my article as penned down above would now be informative. It had so many great minds working on it.

Next few days day I contacted & met few manufacturers who could provide me with available products in Delhi-India.  In the comment section are excerpts from them-