Today, 12;16AM

With her, love at first sight happened over a time

But demonetization striked overnite.

However, the effect of both will last over her lifetime….

When did being an architect became her lifestyle-she never realized but it was worth her while!!!

With each passing year, buildings were all she looked at, details were what she absorbed and observing people all the time, consumed her. And now- living without a consistent cash flow was becoming the norm with people around her.

25th September 1989

Was her first day in architecture college. In the introduction meeting that day with seniors- was what had got “her and him” to grow on and a wedlock in years to come.This chance meeting and the connection was never planned;nor at year end 2016, the fervor to exchange  every thousandier and five hundredier  in great urgency with new pink currency avoidable.

Just a week back on 25th November 2016, she and he attended a presentation at their college grounds with many other fellow mates, some her own batch mates while few seniors and lot many juniors.

The slides explained the design scheme of buildings in Amravati capital complex. Sadly construction and design was awarded to someone else though the announced winners were Maki & associates; Competitions are won by one and awarded to another.   A very sorry state of affairs was prevailing. Pathetic!!!! the speaker said.

She put up a similarity on the above said presentation.  Just as many offices of architecture are thriving due to mishandled competition and governance cashing on loose set rules in documents, simillarly  political parties  everywhere at the moment were trying best to make a win- win for themselves over demonetisation.

In a deep set tone, he always ready to share his thoughts  with her replied that both these situations required a clean order. The council to take control of norms and regulations in competitions, while for political parties the court should exercise its power and law.

Some veterans of the college sitting at the back of the hall were discussing graver issues.She could overhear them say that the new gen of students in their perusal of architecture as business, were practicing as they deemed fit, forgetting all ethics as if it was never taught. fees structure would be lowered than the set and everything under the table was being done to get a project.

She however perceived this situation same to same as how unfortunately most of nations population had been evading taxes thinking it was their birth right to hoard wealth.

He could read the gloom over shadowing her eyes. Many a times she had shared her thoughts to him in words and he had spoken with his eyes. The equation was reversed that day, the  dilemma society faced she had spoken with her eyes, he whispered,  all is right.

If council of architecture could inspect and check if  norms were followed and exercise restriction on practise for defaulters ,  all would be fine. Also sooner or later people will sync with the cashless economy too. He could see the overbearing shadow of gloom clearing and a smile appearing  on  her face again.

The back seats conversations were becoming  heated up. A senior professor could be heard lamenting’; how in quest of making money, many architecture colleges had mushroomed. Due to quantum of colleges inspection from COA suffered. He expressed his anguish that due to this quality education was suffering. There is a definite lack in inspection of schools by COA body and good education was lacking

And there she added, so was the thought catching public attention ; that perhaps many would be staring at unavoidable economic crisis due to long term effects of unplanned demonetisation drive nationwide .

Yeah, truly as the ethics in architecture is seemingly getting banished so is the old currency all over the nation getting vanished she continued.

Nowdays her paytm transaction gets groceries and a monthly account while a shop takes care of  necessities –milk, butter, bread, juice, chips atta, daal chawaal and soup to name few.

All laughed on similar experiences, and the professor added more to his bit.

He lashed Clients everywhere – rich or poor paid a large chunk in cash which would now be slashed.

Architecture which was always about ROMANTICism  with design and ORNAMENTism during construction would now add BUDGETism

The professor continued that this would be the effect on clients due to demonetisation while the process of architecture will stay untouched.

Some where from the crowd a voice called out   yes-we eat the elephant in small pieces. For we are taught by our profession that however big the design scheme be its construction can always be made possible by phasing and staging.And therefore, no situation in an architect’s life is ever overbearing but instead a gratifying thesis.

These words so profound, would stay with her for always  and the evening would not be forgotten; she thought.

Perhaps that’s the reason- “architecture though governed by society is not ruled by it, rather architecture helps  defining the society  and will always step in -for blooming the very society that created it”…….she was surprised as her thoughts had left from her lips, too loud and clear for all to hear  and too late for her to retrieve them back.

The new ism in art of architecture will finally evolve -The century was awaiting this masterstroke and just as a doctor diagnosis is respected, each and every architect will be heralded.

The time has come to stand together and give our unabiding support.