Make death better. Ask the Architect!

Friends, dear colleagues and my respected fraternity,

It gives me great pleasure to tell you that  I have started  my YouTube channel

Be it about philosophy on shower types that compliments your personality, or it be creativity to carry on in life, or perhaps adopting a wall to hold on to highs of life. 

 I  wish to explore and talk about anything and everything remotely or in totality linked with architecture.

And the one released today,  is the abbreviated version of the below-

Make death better. Ask the Architect!

Every day we try to make our life better  but today I’m here to ask you why  don’t we think of making death better too.

Can’t we think of the whole death experience as rich joyful and lovable? – What if we could say for you and me –he lived well and o ya-he died king size too.

Are we so scared of death that a discussion on this subject makes our hair stand on end or makes our blood run cold.

Why do we always wish for a go -gone type death- a painless one? Why my friends my parent’s everybody around me –including me -wish for that – why are we purposefully closing ourselves to facts.

A fact that my doctor parents- specially my surgeon dad will always say–newer researches in medical field is making death by short illness disappear. What he is not saying is here on the statistics. Take a look-

Did you see that less percentage of people are dying of short illness, suicides, road accidents and the trend is moving towards a long period of chronic illness at the end. Sixty one percentage of death are due to Stroke, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, asthma. Non communicable diseases which come with long period of illness and treatment.

The pain, the treatment is what death will come with.

Long period of terminal illness will come with long time in hospitals, care homes or our very own homes. So are they good?

See-I’m an architect and not a doctor. So unlike my mom and dad my sisters and umpteen cousin who always think of relieving pain in a chronic illness I think differently.

I would want architecture to respond to making this last tread of life a happy experience for people.A better environment to die in!

I remember the last leg of my grand mom’s journey, a small fragile woman who in her eighty eighth year suffered total paralysis due to a stroke. My dad refused to subject her weak delicate body to pain of the needles. He knew from his years of medical experience that she would not have the strength to bear it so he shifted her to a naturopathy center for alternative treatment.

Her mornings were well spent amidst lush green gardens and a visibly dreamy setting driven on a wheel chair, her eyes would invariable look up through the leaves of the many trees to watch the lavender hue of the sky change to peachy, her pupils distorted by some pressure on the brain trying to focus and her spirit fully alive. That place those surroundings giving an extraordinary meaning to her life.

This state of affairs ran for almost a year and then one fine morning it changed forever.

It was only many days later that I was able to weigh it all, and realize that she had a good death.

I heard a similar case from a friend, about his mother.  She was
diagnosed with cancer and amidst the gloom of grief and
tears from loved ones, this old lady gave her acceptance for
chemotherapy that definitely took her sleep away. Her only
wish at that time was to go to sleep and wake up well. Family
and friends spent time with her, laughed with her, hugged her,
kissed her. They made her home a place to come home to from
her innumerable trips to hospital.

Making her home a place to rest, giving her security when she was living, and a port to sail beyond the sunset, when she would say her final goodbyes.

And I ask you, do you want a well-designed space for that last phase?Then ask the architects, for architecture definitely responds to needs of masses.

It is this architect  who has made places to hang
around where ideas are born and exchanged; libraries that
have educated mankind and monuments of worship.

So to-Make death better. Ask the Architect!(For you tube version- Please click the link  to watch).

And with this in heart  I wish you all the best in life.


yours truly,

Babika Goel

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