Marketing in architecture -NOW or NEVER-*starchitect*

Friends, dear colleagues and my respected fraternity,

With this article my intention is to talk about NOW. Now is the age of marketing. Having succeeded in molding minds from centuries marketing is eclectic, interesting and intriguing and a question NEVER resolved for practicing mainstream architecture.


Architects don’t keep budgets aside for marketing, nor a dedicated staff to do that for them. So how do we architects survive?

Let us look at the funnel and identify where “you and me” are.

From the top of the funnel to the bottom of it the journey is all about the below stages-

  1. Attract
  2. Engage
  3. Nurture
  4. Invite
  5. Convert

With experience we have figured out our target audience. We have mixed and mingled with them, done a little handshake, have talked and told about ourselves. We have let them know our way of working or perhaps our way of thinking. This target market is the people we design for or are the ones that help us to connect with them. We are already walking up and down the funnel and its five stages.

The best part about our services is that whatever “you and me” create, it becomes accessible to the user and if the user expectations can be managed by way of delivering what is promised it becomes best form of marketing for “us”. We have done it and we know it.

So do “you and me” require –

  •  Be seen by way of mingling in groups and events!?
  •  Be heard by way of publishing articles; speaking at events!?
  • Be inviting by hosting webinars or meet-ups, or other public events!?
  • Be memorable by engaging with prospects!?The question is should we never market ourselves as architects or should we ?

The author is a graduate from college of Architecture, Lucknow and Associate, Indian Institute of Architects and Member,Indian green building council.

I plan to conduct many interviews with writers, influencers, and magnates.  The interviews will all be public and a part of this website. We’ll go on this journey together — you and me. Together, we’ll cross businesses, speak with professionals around the world, and explore the vastness of this subject.

I will be looking forward to receiving suggestions in the box – leave a comment.

And please do have a great week ahead.