Rain Showers a luxury


Finding the right shower to indulge, relax and rejuvenate in style is what brings me to write this article. Rain shower as the name suggests is inspired by natural spring providing an incomparable experience that drenches one in a confession of water;

These Rainshowers typically are just gravity based – they don’t really offer a whole lot of pressure. If you are looking for a rainshower with a little bit more pressure- check out Hansgrohe’s Raindance line – Available in sizes only up to 580 mm, they inject a bead of air into each drop of water – and it makes the water heavier. Backup is poor but and so is the after sales service slowly taking a backseat.

Anyhow,  for a good-sized urban master bathrooms  showers upto 800mm  size  with the right pressure creates a true experience. I have come across few brands  catering to this size. It is not just a design it has to be an experience is what I fetched out.
Kohler and  Gessi are international brands who have caught the niche segment with great fever.
 Kohler as compared to Gessi, Kohler company  talks about their features
I discussed with various agencies before coming to this conclusion that buying a shower is no big deal but one has to know certain facts before deciding the brand like-
  • Does the shower have proper inlets as per the multifunction’s it provides?
  • For pressure pumps to create the right pressure does the diverter act in accordance?
  • Are the nozzles self cleansing?
  • Are spare parts easily available?
 Plus KOHLER is a product trying to meet project needs also whereas GESSI wishes to cater just the few. The types whose walls are adorned with   a Michelangelo in their house.