What Does Your Front Door Say?


Some folks even believe A DOOR is a walkway, an entry point, from where energy, abundance and opportunities may be channelized  by the direction it faces.thinking hard


And I hear my front door say -hey!!  I’m an entry into your space-


  • shouldn’t  I  serve my most important and primary function of being there for you always?

thinking hard

  •  Shouldn’t  I resist denting, warping, rot, rust and  yet have the luxurious appeal and be a statement.


  • shouldn’t  I be dust, heat, sound, termite, weather, jamming and break-in proof?

looking around

Wow…that’s a pretty big responsibility to hang on a front door!!!!!


I ask.. I talk.. I hear… many of my fellow architects tell me  …..


For our clients, Wood has always been the most preferred material for making windows and doors. But numerous problems like jamming, wrapping, not being weather proof, prone to termite, fungus and decay, losing their finish in few years etc. has left them………..


& because you are still reading this dear reader I can hear you almost say  ……. Do I have a choice for my door??other than

 spending a considerable amount of money in buying wood and getting the windows fabricated WHICH have lost their charm due to the ordinary design, manufacturing and finishing methods



though wood is an option but market has some more choices. You won’t lack for choice; there is a wide range of door models available to suit all budgets and tastes.

Types of front doors materials available in India are:

  •  Wood, Glass, Steel, PVC, Fiberglass, Fiber Reinforced Plastics, Aluminum, Bamboo-Jute Composite Doors


To analyse the various materials would have been an easy job and  I could have written tons of pages on it but my focus is just wood.

When producing construction wood or wood as raw material, only a fraction of the energy is needed compared to the production of steel, aluminium, concrete or plastics and thus, considerably less CO2 is discharged in the process. In addition to its property as an “active” storage of CO2, wood is therefore also a “passive climate protector” and ecologically very much superior to the competing materials due to its inherent energy savings.

wooden cross section against white background, abstract vector art illustration; image contains transparency
wooden cross section

You must be thinking – What has timber production got to do with climate protection??

but seriously -A Lot!!

Timber production does not necessarily have a negative effect on climate change – quite the contrary, in fact. Sustainable forest management can actively contribute to climate protection.

The history of human culture is intrinsically tied to the manifold usage of wood. Wood is a sustainable, innovative and ecological commodity, a real all-rounder.

Think can the production of wine, sherry and whisky  be conceivable without the classical wooden cask; than why let it be lost from our homes????? why let a home owner  suffer because of manufacturing process? WHY??!!!

timber stock

 and so my quest got me to an interesting find –  re-engineered wood.

A solution to problems most home owners with wood in door & window systems are facing today.

I took feedback from the manufacturer. The details about the product is captured in the comment section below.