Window Systems in residences


27th October meeting on site-

11:39 am

Three vendors have been called to do a presentation of window system in front of the client.

They will start in twenty minutes from now.

Each of the three will talk about their material and the dimensions of sections best suited for the given window sizes.

Each will be given twenty minutes to describe their material with samples and quotation.

11:42 am

They are fifteen in a make shift room (the site –a residence is still in brickwork stage) the client family, the architects team and PMC team. They sit around a big conference table prepared by joining together few four seater plastic tables.

An internal discussion is going on; the client is briefed on the three available choices on which the presentations will be based-

  • Engineered Wood window system
  • Aluminium window system
  • UPVC window system

The discussion further moves towards what should be the choice of glass.

  • DGU would give them thermal insulation
  • Laminated glass would provide sound insulation
  • A DGU and a laminated glass will give them both the sound and thermal insulation.

11:59 am

The client family has many questions. They are firing it likes bullets from AK47.

  • What’s laminate glass?
  • What’s full form of DGU?
  • So the section of aluminium will be thinner than wood section?
  • What length versus height can be achieved in wood?
  • Can we have a wood looking aluminium section? Then will it not give fake appearance; after all the section is much thinner than a real wood section would be?
  • If Upvc section cannot take height above eight feet than an opening size bigger will have a dividing member in length? Will it appear something like old types ventilators provided generally above external doors?
  • Do ten year guarantee/warranty to a product mean that’s what its life is?

Answers are coming from across the table by PMC and from the Architect as per their experiences.

Some very technical ones are being left for the vendors to answer. They will be naturally be better informed about their systems.

12:09 pm

Scheduled time to call in the vendors- one by one- is now due. The internal discussion stops.

And all look towards the entrance of the room.

The first vendor steps in. His team is carrying a mini window-2 feet by 2 feet in size but the sections used in the sample are for a bigger opening. A presentation on a laptop is opened to inform client about the technical features. A very serious discussion starts on quotation handed. Scope of moving down the price by substantial percentage was expected by the vendor. He very well left the debate for the end.

1.50 pm

All three vendors have shown their samples, described their systems and left.

1.53 pm

Site team files all the ball park figures received. Discussion back on table is now more specific. The understanding in-depth; the questions much more challenging.

  • So a window system is the entire experience of using it and not restricted to material it is made up of -like wood, aluminium or Upvc?
  • Therefore material can be any of the three?  It’s the system which has to be chosen!
  • Should choice be totally depending on budgetary constraints or value for money or just personal preference?

2.05 pm

The decision for selecting the most suited became more clear and as the points are spoken aloud the site team notes down-

  • All three presentations went well but what would be most suitable needs to be decided-in terms of delivery period, installation and maintenance later.
  • The lady of the house would want the glass to be cleaned easily. So need was to pick a window shutter in fixed openings that could slide enough to allow someone’s hand standing inside to clean the glass pane from outside in case no balconies available.
  • As this residence is coming up on the main road it will definitely need a system to be dust proof and not like conventional doors/ windows that are made from Burma teak wood. Conventional wood logs cut into sections have gaps from where dust steps in. So conventional was out and these modern systems were in.
  • They would definitely look for locking systems that are burglar proof and jams the window at various points.
  • The rain water should not seep in.
  • It should stand all seasons and be heat proof. Like aluminium system shown had a thermal barrier which was optional. Aluminium itself is a good conductor of heat so this barrier would definitely be required if aluminium is chosen over others.
  • Corner treatment of an L shape window was equally felt important.
  • Sliding with folding shutters was definitely a go getter.
  • Meshes designed for available designs had to be deep dived into.

2.30 pm

Next meeting scheduled to take decision further.