Window Systems in residences:facade series 4

A window system is the entire experience of using it.  Window system importers are bringing systems that meet quality standards (further verified by external certification bodies), while giving value for money, meeting personal preferences, and enabling seamless installation, and hassle-free, low cost maintenance. Window types include Sliding, Slide & Fold, Casement, Tilt & Turn, and Louvered, all of which are customizable with accessories such as handles and locks, and can be motorized.

The market today is offering windows in uPVC, aluminium, steel, engineered wood, Aluwood combination, and fibre glass. Fibex, introduced by the Italian Agostini Group, is a frame made of glass fibre for maximum strength and insulation with a combination of external and internal cladding options of glass/wood/bronze/stone.

New surface finishes being launched in the past decade such as aluminium profiles with multi-dimensional wood coating, cladding such as stone, metal, wood, or leather to match the interiors, are much in demand for their aesthetic appeal. Agostini Group is coming up with a series of shutters and blinds in aluminium and aluminium-wood with insulating fibex inserts that ensure incomparable thermal insulation, and special designs which give limited ventilation without compromising on security. Indian company Artius is offering (Canadian) wood systems with features designed to suit the Indian climate.

A country like India needs window systems which are dust proof, thermally insulated, secure and sound proof (where required). Interlocking seals between sashes that make sliding windows completely sealed and secure, trackless systems with a cavity at the bottom so that dust does not collect and the windows are easy to clean (for instance Artius engineered wood systems), and outward opening windows where the sash can be moved for an easy to clean position, are some options.

Larger size windows will require huge glass sizes, so it is important to consult glass manufacturers for double glass units that take into account wind load, security, structural strength, acoustics, thermal insulation, etc. Glass compositions with thickness varying from 37mm to as high as 50mm are being used in German company Schuco’s aluminium windows systems that ensure and guarantee the required assembly.

Imported window systems from Europe are meeting the need for professionalism, innovation and quality in premium residential, commercial and hospitality projects in India. These companies are able to take up projects to offer exclusive and innovative solutions that adapt to the uniqueness of Indian climate conditions so that the “closure” actually becomes an integral part of the building. This means creating a project that is not limited to standard doors, windows and shutters, but one that enhances the architecture and environment for which it is destined.


This write-up is  a continuation to  Window Systems in residences: façade series 2


The article is also being published in MGS Architecture Magazine(Modern Green Structures & Architecture) February 2017 issue.

-Architect Babika Goel20140405_213915-1-1-1-1